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Hair Transplant

Our hair transplant service is of exceptional quality and comes with a lifetime warranty

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Plastic Surgery

Our network comprises solely of the most accomplished and respected plastic surgeons

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Our dental treatment in Turkey is not only affordable but also of the highest possible quality

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We work exclusively with elite bariatric surgeons in Istanbul for exceptional client care

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Medical 11 provides ethical cosmetic treatments in top hospitals and medical centers in Turkey. Our skilled medical team strives to help patients achieve desired results, leading to enhanced satisfaction, success, and well-being.

Your Healthcare Companion

You will be provided with a medical consultant who will be with you throughout the operation to address your concerns and ensure your needs are met.

Accommodation & Transportation

No need to worry! Our logistics team will arrange your city accommodation and transportation, so you can focus on your trip.

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Medical 11 will not make unrealistic promises, but will promise to provide transparent information about anticipated outcomes.

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Medical 11 has 7+ years of experience in medical tourism, serving patients worldwide with top-notch quality and global awareness.

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